For the first time Learnster brings together the latest in online and classroom learning and make it accessible and easy for anyone to use.

Immediately digital - Make your course content available on all devices

You already have great content and courses. With Learnster, you get immediate access to the latest in training to be able to offer your customers a combination of classroom, e-learning, mobile learning, micro learning and much more.

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Learning has changed in line with the digital transformation. Have you? Learnster helps you future proof your offer.

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Market your courses

Works on all devices


Client profiles

Make your courses searchable through social channels. Get social recommendations from participants directly in connection with the education.

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Learnster works on all smartphones, tablets and computers. Course participants can always log in before and during the course whenever and wherever they wish.

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Get an overview of all your courses, participants, communications and revenue in a dashboard.

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A customer database that you can manage, keep up to date and and follow up. You can also customize offers based on customer profiles and increase upsell.

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Keep up to date with the latest educational trends