Learnster is the first end-to-end cloud based learning experience which enables both individual learning environments, new job onboarding and internal skill developments.

Everything in one user-friendly platform

Now, educators can do everything in one user-friendly platform. From designing and selling a course, all the way to distributing, delivering, administering and following up on it.


Learning has changed with the digital transformation. Have you? Learnster helps you future proof your offer.


Works on all devices

About continuous learning

Our mission

With Learnster, course participants and staff going through skill developments can learn on their own terms and from any preferred device.

Lack of learning opportunities leads to higher staff turnover. Continuous learning is the foundation for career advancements. These new conditions entails organizational challenges for most companies.

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We believe that modernised learning environments are essential in the digital age and that they will enable skill improvements and career advancements. Read about how it all started with a frustration and ended in Learnster.

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